General labor positions for City of Corinth Street, Sewer, and Solid Waste Departments

We are accepting applications for general labor positions for City of Corinth Street, Sewer, and Solid Waste Departments. These positions are to help handle various jobs throughout our municipality day-to-day. The job responsibilities include hands-on physical labor and assisting with operation of machinery with the goal of handling workplace responsibilities with accuracy, efficiency, and the upkeep of customer happiness. Must have great work ethics and interact well with others and the public.


The job duties of a general laborer may include cleaning and preparing a job site, also using a variety of tools and machines. General laborers may set up markers, cones, barricades and may flag vehicles to control the flow of traffic. Load and unload structure materials, move materials in work areas, dig trenches, place or repair pipes for drains and extra services. Remove debris and trash from job site. Operate lawn mower, blower, saw, and leaf vacuum. Emptying dumpsters, storing trucks and equipment safely, maintaining load records, performing truck cleaning, reporting repair requirements, identifying malfunctions, and following a scheduled route. Employees must conduct all duties and requirements assigned by supervisor efficiency and accurately.


– Must have a valid Driver’s License.

– Hands-on training available on site.

If interested in the available positions, applications are available at:

Corinth Street Department
110 W. Shiloh Road


Corinth City Hall
300 Childs Street