• June 5, 2017
  • 6:00 PM
  • Corinth Elementary School Gymnasium

Envision Corinth 2040 is comprehensive city planning initiative designed to help establish the long-range vision and direction of the City of Corinth.
The yearlong process will offer multiple opportunities for citizen engagement through surveys, focus groups, workshops and public meetings. Envision Corinth 2040 will address this future in a four-step process by:
• studying and understanding Corinth’s current conditions including population, growth prospects, economy, natural environment, development patterns, attractiveness, preservation and
• establishing an inspiring vision of Corinth’s future and establishing planning principles and goals to achieve it,
• developing the blueprint or plan to achieve future vision and,
• creating practical public and private implementation strategies and actions that will advance the City towards its desired future including updating the City’s development code.