The Department of Planning and Community Development serves the city through enforcement of its zoning and development ordinances. Additionally, the department assists the city in its application for, and administration of, grant funds, which are used to improve the city’s infrastructure for the health and welfare of the citizens and businesses.


The City adopted Envision Corinth 2040 as its Zoning Ordinance and Land Development Code in 2022. The City appoints a Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment, Preservation Commission and Downtown Residential Overlay District Design Review Panel to engage local citizens in the review process of making compatible additions to the fabric of the community. The City has established a Downtown Historic District, Downtown Residential Overlay District and Tree Preservation District for regulation of development in important areas of the City. The City has also developed regulations for signage, lighting, erosion, tree protection, landscaping and stormwater. Coordination for review and permitting of new and remodeled construction is handled through the Planning and Community Development Department. The Director is also the Grant Administrator. 

Floodplain Development Permit

Envision Corinth 2040 Plan

Envision Corinth 2040 Land Development Code

Envision Corinth 2040 Zoning Map