Persons or companies seeking a permit to construct or place signs may use the commercial building application contained in the link below.  The City requires that the applicant attach to the application mock-ups of all signs with dimensions of the signage and the building to which they are attached, and a site plan showing the location of any pylon or off-building signs.  Fees are based on the total project cost including all materials, labor and installation for the complete project irrespective of who furnishes the materials.  For more details concerning size and placement constraints, applicants should familiarize themselves with the sign ordinance found in Section 415 of Appendix B of the City’s ordinances.  Any questions concerning specific applications should be addressed to the Department of Community Development and Planning at 662-287-2401 well in advance of signage construction, as the department does not have authority to grant variances to the ordinance.

png sm Sign Permit Application

Sec. 415. – Signs and outdoor advertising