City of Corinth’s Action Statement:

For Coronavirus (COVID-19) city officials have taken the following preventative measures for the safety of the city employees, residents and visitors to our city. The preventative measures below will follow the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Mississippi State Department of Health.

  1. The risks for most people are low according to the CDC, but common sense steps can prevent contracting or spreading respiratory diseases, including COVID-19. These include:
  • Covering your mouth when sneezing and coughing
  • Disinfecting often, as City Hall is presently doing. This is includes: bathrooms, surfaces, computers, cell phones in both offices and homes.
  • See a doctor if you are sick and by no means go to work if you are sick.
  1. The washing of hands often and use of hand sanitizers, as well as keeping hands away from the face, mouth and eyes is vital.
  2. Board Meetings will be held with the press and only those that are speaking in the meeting. Those in attendance should stay at least six feet apart.
  3. City employees should use gloves and masks while performing their job (Public Works) and Police and Fire Fighters should follow established procedures.
  4. All city administrative employees should take proper precautions when making contact with the public (masks, gloves, and six feet spacing)
  5. Public gatherings exceeding ten or more people should be postponed. Spacing of six feet is recommended.
  6. The city encourages “food to go” and call-in order to food establishments.
  7. Corinth Gas and Water will not disconnect services for the next sixty (60) days.
  8. City travel will be postponed until further notice.
  9. It is strongly encouraged that people who have recently traveled practice self-quarantine for fourteen (14) days.
  10. These preventative measures are subject to change in accordance with state and federal directions guidelines and applicable laws.

Please visit or call 1-877-978-6453. City Hall can be reached at 662-286-6644 or 662-286-6645.

Corinth Launches C Spire Fiber to the Home Initiative



C-Spire has initiated a Fiber to Home program for the Crossroads area and the Corinth city board has voted to continue with the process.

In a resolution to encourage C-Spire to grant the City of Corinth a first launch community for the company’s Fiber to Home initiative, the resolution states this will be and asset to the citizens of Corinth both now and in the future and the city recognizes the advantages of participating in the early stages of such a program.

This will be faster than the speed of sound and this technology is just amazing, Corinth Mayor Tommy Irwin said. We live in a day that is a whole lot different from the 1960s and this program will definitely be a positive step for us in this day and age. This will be really good for those who can use it for educational purposes and we are going to work fast on making this happen.

The Fiber to Home program will allow for the Internet to be delivered approximately 100 times faster than anything that is currently offered, according to the resolution. It also states the program will enhance entertainment and communications for both from an informational and performance standpoint and will permit uses of technology in manners that are not currently experienced, including telecommuting and video conferencing.

With all these proposed improvements, the city board decided to make an executive decision and voted to pass the resolution for economic development purposes in a special called meeting Thursday at city hall.

Corinth residents are encouraged to help by going to and show their support by filling out the form provided.   Additionally, residents are encouraged to Tweet @CSpire about bringing their #fiberfirst to #corinthfiberfirst and LIKING the C Spire Facebook Page as well as the City of Corinth Facebook page where updates on the campaign will be posted.

Express your interest by going to


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Corinth Native Jimbo Mathus Featured on “Mississippi Roads” on MPB TV

Corinth Native Jimbo Mathus Featured on “Mississippi Roads” on MPB TV – Thursday, April 25 at 7 p.m. Jimbo Mathus is a musician that is nearly impossible to label. He rose to fame in the nineties with the band “The Squirrel Nut Zippers,” a group credited with helping foster the swing revival of that decade. Mississippi Roads finds out how the down-to-earth musician is letting his southern roots shine. Watch Mississippi Roads on Thursday, April 25 at 7 p.m. on MPB TV.

Each week, Grayson and the Roads crew take you on a journey to explore the quirky eateries, unique spots, intriguing people and natural beauty that make Mississippi so unique. Funding for Mississippi Roads is provided in part by the Mississippi Arts Commission.

Travis Tritt Kicks Off First Arena Concert of 2013

Steve Beavers – Daily Corinthian

T-R-O-U-B-L-E is coming to the Crossroads Arena.

Travis Tritt is bringing his musical talent to the facility on May 17.

One of the leading country singers of the early 90s, Tritt will be the Crossroads Arena’s first concert of 2013.

I am beyond excited, said Crossroads Arena General Manager Tammy Genovese. Travis is a fun entertainer and the perfect opportunity we were looking for here at the arena it’s going to be a fun concert.

Tickets for the 7 p.m. show go on sale Saturday, beginning at 10 a.m. VIP seating is $53 while the rest of the floor reserved seating is $38. General Admission riser seating is set at $28.

Travis is doing a pretty full year and we are glad he is choosing to come by here, added the general manager.

A Marietta, Ga. native, he signed with Warner Bros. Records in 1989. Tritt released seven studio albums along with a greatest hits package for the label on his way to putting together a string of platinum albums and Top Ten singles, including three number one hits.

He is one of those bluesy Southern rock guys that draws fans, said Genovese.

Seven of his albums are certified platinum or higher by the Recording Industry Association of America. His 1991 album It’s All About to Change is the highest certified at triple-platinum and leads off with one of his popular songs Here’s a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares) which rose to number two in the United States and Canada.

The two-time Grammy Award winner’s debut album, Country Club contained top hits such as Help Me Hold On and I’m Gonna Be Somebody as the artist held his own against some of the top country singers of the 90s in Garth Brooks, Clint Black and Alan Jackson.

T-R-O-U-B-L-E — his third album — was released in 1992 with the number one single Can I Trust You with My Heart going gold.

A fourth album, Ten Feet Tall and Bulletproof, spawned the number one single Foolish Pride in 1994.

Tritt has also had roles in movies such as Cowboy Way and Tales from the Crypt during his career. In 2010, he began filming the movie Fishers of Men in which he portrayed the character Eddie Waters in the Christian production.

All the promoters are excited about Corinth getting back on the calendar, said Genovese. We want the public to stay close to Facebook and twitter for the latest updates on the opening act for the concert.

Tickets can be purchased by calling the box office at 662-287-7779 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or by going to Tickets can also be purchased at area Subway’s after April 15.

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Amnesty on Court Fines

Corinth Municipal Court is offering a chance to get on the right side of the law during the month of March.

The court is beginning an amnesty program on Friday and continuing through March 30 for people who want to clear up old fines and avoid a possible trip to jail for failure to pay. The offer of amnesty is for old fines only — those owed prior to March 1, 2012 — and requires the person owing the fine to voluntarily come to the municipal court office at the justice center on South Harper Road.

Those who make a voluntary appearance during March to address delinquent fines and outstanding warrants will not be arrested, said Court Clerk Zane Elliott.

After the amnesty period ends, the court intends to get tough with outstanding fines.

“I would like to encourage anyone with outstanding old fines to take advantage of this program,” said Elliott. “We are going to work with you, but you have to come in and see us during the month of March, because after that, we will be coming after you with the full force of the law.”

The program is intended to chip away at the backlog of old fines owed to the city and to give relief to people who may be in violation of a court-ordered obligation because they simply couldn’t pay. Elliott said it will help the court clear out delinquent cases and focus its resources on the collection of more recent cases.

Those who owe money can resume their prior payment plan or schedule a new one that fits their budget.

Judge John Ross and the court administrators have seen people get buried by fines and have a difficult time catching up.

“We find for some people their fines just keep adding on and on, and a person cannot pay a ticket even though they might have been able to otherwise,” said Elliott. “We are fairly certain that a great number of people are good, honest citizens who cannot get out from under this obligation. By offering this amnesty program, this will allow relief to those most affected.”

He said some are reluctant to appear because they can’t afford to pay off the fines and court costs.

The police department is also backing the program.

“We are going to continue to actively serve warrants, and I encourage people to take advantage of this program,” said Police Chief David Lancaster. “Once they are arrested, it’s too late.”

Elliott said he expects the office to have a busy month once word spreads and people see that “this is an excellent way to rid yourself of the threat of arrest.”

The court staff recently purged the books, removing deceased individuals and some others dating back a number of years, clearing about $600,000 from the backlog of fines. Increased serving of warrants by the police department has also decreased the amount owed to the city.

Anyone who wants to call and find out if he or she has an outstanding warrant for arrest may contact the court office at 286-2236.

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